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Fitli Product Updates are Back!

Product Updates

Check out this big catchup post. Fifteen months of change in one shot.

Hey Everybody. First of all, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to do this. Just like everybody else, we’ve been experiencing and trying to survive the extremely unusual circumstances we’ve been presented with.  It’s looking like the worst is behind us and we are determined to come out of this stronger than ever.

To kick things off, I want to start with the BIG changes that are about to drop.  Then I’ll continue sharing all the changes that have been made over the last 15 months.

Feature Updates

Relationship Changes

With the next release,  Relationships will go from being an optional feature to always on.

Some of you are probably wondering… “What is Relationships?”.  Well, you can learn more here, but in short, Relationships allows a primary user (or parent account) to add their family or friends onto their account as a sub-account (or child account).  Actually, you, the business owner, previously, had to add those relationships for them. That is changing in the next release so that the client can add, edit, and manage their own relationships. Now, I know some of you are cheering. 🙂

The main choice you, as the business, have to make is whether to create packages that are shareable or not.  This is totally up to you.  If you create a shared package, then the package will be useable by the parent account and all their relationships.  If you don’t create a shareable package, the relationship can still book but must pay a drop in price instead.

So, the new functionality will be always on and global.  Always on just means, it will be there automatically. No switch.  Being global is more for the clients. It means they can add and manage their relationships on their own account. They can bring those relationships with them to any business using Fitli.  This is extremely rare but possible.

Relationships can be viewed as indented clients in your customer list

Relationships 1

Relationships can be managed by the business inside of the Customer Profile of the parent account.

Relationships 2

Packages can be set to ‘shareable’ which will enable all relationships of a Client to use that package when purchased.


Clients can add, edit, and manage their own relationships in the Fitli web application.


Drop-In Expiration Dates

In the past, when a customer withdrew or was canceled from a session they had purchased via Drop-In pricing, they received a session credit with a 1 year expiration date.  Now, you can set the duration of the expiration period to be provided in that case.

Drop-In Expiration Dates can be managed on the Add/Edit Session page

Drop In Expiration

Remember Calendar View

We updated the navigation on the calendar so it will remember what view you used last and open on that view.

Whichever view you use here last will be saved and used the next time you log in.

Remember Cal View

Portal User Interface Improvements

We updated the user interface of the web portal to remove the Fitli logo and simplify the overall design.


Old Portal


New Portal

Donation functionality

Packages and retail products now have a new setting related to price called ‘Enable Donation’.  If this is activated, the client will be asked to populate how much they want to pay for the given product.

The donation setting is enabled in the Add-Package/Membership or Add Retail Product pages. It will become disabled after the first purchase made by a consumer.


Booking Buffer Changes

If you offer unlimited auto-renew packages/memberships, your client generally has a booking buffer of 30 days beyond the next renewal date.  That means they can book a session up to 60 days in the future (in the event the package has just renewed).  That becomes an issue when the client’s credit card either declines or is removed.  With this change, we are eliminating that booking buffer when a client’s card declines.  It will be back in place once payment is completed.

Reporting Changes

We are always tweaking the reports, but here are two specific changes.

Expired Balances – In order to provide a more full picture of customer account balances, we have included an option to view both active and expired balances on the Account Balances Report. This way you can see what balances recently expired.

Pagination – Some of you have lots of data.  For performance reasons, it has become necessary to add pagination to most of the reports.  You will see this if your report has over 100 line items.

On the Account Balances report, select the text that says “show expired balances” in order to include that data in your output.

Expired Balances

Pagination is now employed on any report that exceeds 100 line items.

Report Pagination

Enable User Formatting on the ‘Send Message’ function

Now you can format the messages you send from the session profile.

Access the ‘send message’ function within the session profile.

Send Message Format

Facilities Updates

Now you can update the status of a facility between active and inactive.  If you set it to inactive it will be hidden.  You can also remove a facility permanently if it has not sessions associated with it.

Update facility status in the facility list or on the Edit Facility page

Facility Inactive

Click through to the Edit Facility page to remove a facility.  It must not be connected to any sessions.

Facility Remove

Reset Waivers

Some insurance companies require you to have clients accept your waiver annually or on some other frequency.  This functionality allows you to reset all waivers back to ‘No’. Thus, when a client attempts to book or purchase, they will once again be asked to accept the waiver.

Reset waiver status on the waiver page in business admin

Reset Waivers

Zoom Integration

When the pandemic hit and lockdowns happened, everybody was looking for ways to continue earning.  Aside from Donation, this was the other top request.  You can integrate your own Zoom account with Fitli. When you do that, we will automatically create a new Zoom Facility.  When Zoom is selected as the facility, it automates the creation of the Zoom meeting and sharing of the zoom meeting data with clients.  For the last few months, this feature has been activated upon request only.  However, with an upcoming release, it will be available to everybody.

Navigate to Integrations to initiate the zoom integration

Zoom Integration 1

A Zoom facility will show up in the facility list.

Zoom Integration 2

The Zoom meeting details will show up in the session profile for the business.

Zoom Integration

The Zoom meeting details will also show up on the client’s view of the session profile.

Zoom Integration

Session Notes

We have updated the notes field in the Edit Service section to be shown on the session profile.  It’s only visible to business users.

First, update service notes in the Edit Service section.

Session Notes

Then, view the notes on the session profile.

Session Notes

Sliding Scale Pay Rate

For those of you using payroll, we have added a new type of pay rate calculation.  This will allow you to pay an instructor different amounts based on how many students attend the class.

In the Add/Edit Pay Rate within the Pay Rate section under Payroll, scroll down to Attendee Sliding Scale.

Sliding Scale Image