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August is Hot!

August 2021 Product Updates

August is Hot and so are these new updates.

While Summer is time for fun in the sun, our team has been locked in a basement coding non-stop.  We have sunlamps so it’s not too bad.  But hey, to each his own, right?  Bringing new features to life is what we live for.  As always, please share any feedback and let us know your ideas.  For now, we are still just making incremental improvements, but we are forming plans for much bigger changes. That’s all I can say right now.  Enjoy!

Feature Updates

Relationship Updates

In the last release, we made relationships ‘always on’ and gave clients the ability to add and manage their own relationships.  Today, we take that one step further and enable Waitlist for relationships.  Nothing fancy, but now either a client or the business user can add a relationship on a waitlist.  Everything else about a waitlist is the same.  A notification email will be sent when they are added.  If a spot opens up, they will receive a notification with a link to the session.  As always, it’s first come, first serve to book into that open spot.

Additionally, for both clients and relationships, a notification will be sent if they are removed from a waitlist for any reason… including being booked to the session or just being taken off the list.  Professionals will also start getting notifications when a client is added to the waitlist for one of their sessions.

Business user adding a relationship to the waitlist

Client adding a relationship to the waitlist

Promo Code Updates

Promo codes get a boost in capability now that you can either include or exclude specific users from using a promo code.  In fact, when you use this feature on a promo code, only users eligible to view the promo code will be able to view it.  This will allow you to create unique discounts for individual users or groups of users… or simply exclude one or more users who you don’t want to use a promo code for some reason. It’s totally up to you.

Create a promo code that includes only specific users

include clients promo

Create a promo code that excludes specific users

Exclude Clients promo

Package Updates

We’ve taken all the settings from the promo codes and added the same to the packages.  So, now you can limit how many times a package can be purchased as well as who can purchase the package.  Check it out.

Limit how many times the package can be purchased

Limit who can purchase a package

Reminder Notification Configuration

A reminder notification has always been sent out to attendees exactly 24hrs before the session start time.  It goes out via email and/or SMS depending on the client’s preferences.  Now, the business user can configure this to include up to a total of three reminders.  The options include 24hrs, 1hr, and one custom that can be set to anything from 10 minutes to 10 days or whatever you like.

Configure when clients receive reminder notifications

Reminder Notifications

User Interface Updates

Nothing major here. We just made a few tweaks to try to improve the client user experience for booking.

We added status bars at the top of the session profile to indicate when sessions are full and if they have a waitlist.  We also moved the book and waitlist buttons to be part of the main page.  Check it out.

Stability Improvements

We are constantly looking at the site stability and trying to tweak and adjust whatever is needed to ensure it’s running smoothly.  This sometimes means adding or upgrading hardware, bandwidth, memory, etc… Sometimes, it means we need to change the way the application works to be more efficient.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

We are always fixing bugs.  Bugs are an integral part of software development. If you find one, please let us know.  We do our best to eliminate them as quickly as possible.